Terms of Sale

Safety Waring

Talonbound Gear products should never be used as a life safety device or personal protective equipment and are not to be used for any situation where breathing safety can be compromised. You assume all responsibility for safe use.


All customers must be at least 18 years of age. By placing an order, you agree that you are at least 18 years of age or older.

Allergen Warning

Talonbound Gear products are made with natural latex rubber which may cause allergic reactions.


Talonbound Gear products are warrantied against manufacturing defect that affects the functionality of the product for 90 days after delivery. Any unauthorized alterations void the warranty. Products are not warranted against wear, tear, abuse or misuse. Return shipping expenses are not covered.

Please note: Each item created by Talonboud Gear is hand made and will have unique surface features. All such surface features are not covered by this warranty.


Payments are accepted via PayPal. Talonbound Gear will provide a PayPal invoice after your order to accept payment. Invoices must be paid in full within 2 weeks, or your order may be canceled.

No payment plans are offered or available.


All orders are shipped via the US Postal Service. Orders shipped within the US are insured.

You are responsible for all shipping costs, including import duties, tariffs and/or taxes. Talonbound Gear will will never ship your item overseas, designated as a “gift”.

You will be responsible for all customs and duties upon pick up. Please check your country for items falling under Tariff Code #9505900000, as this will help you determine your local import duties, tariffs and/or taxes.

Refunds & Returns

Once you commit to purchase and the order has been shipped to you, absolutely no refunds will be issued and no returns accepted. Moisture from respiration and bodily oils can be absorbed into the latex even with one wearing and can not be acceptably cleaned for resale.

Local Laws & Restrictions

Talonbound Gear is not responsible for the legalities presented in your area or region of residence. Use of our products and/or accessories in your area indicate that you accept all legal liability and are working in accordance of your region’s import laws and restrictions.

Design Rights

Talonbound Gear retains all design rights to designs, including custom designs based on an original character.