Talonbound Gear Plague Doctor Gas Mask

The Plague Doctor. The long bird-like beak mask of the medieval plague doctor gives a sinister look. Made of thick ~5mm cast latex rubber. Available with a gas mask style harness will allow the mask to fit nearly any head size, or a custom fit attached sheet latex hood with the option of a locking zipper.

There are two standard 40mm threaded fitting ports for hoses on each side of the mask. The threaded port on the wearer’s right-hand side is the intake, with the opposite side used as the exhaust. Ports are made of rugged 3D printed PETG plastic.

Lenses are made of laser-cut 62mm x 6mm tinted acrylic and provide a fairly unrestricted view while wearing the mask. An extra set of lenses are included.

Inside of the mask is an orinasal half-mask that covers the mouth and nose and directs exhaled air outside of the mask and greatly reduces fogging of the lenses. A soft and flexible latex face seal provides a comfortable, airtight cushion on the face.