Talonbound Gear Jackal Gas Mask

The Jackal; Inspired by the Egyptian God Anubis. This gas mask is handmade of thick ~5mm cast latex rubber. An attached gas mask style harness will allow the mask to fit nearly any head size.

There are two standard 40mm threaded ports for hoses or other accessories on each side of the mask used for air intake, with exhaled air exiting from a smaller porn under the jaw. Ports are made of rugged 3D printed PETG plastic.

Lenses are made of custom milled tinted polycarbonate and provide a fairly unrestricted view while wearing the mask.

Inside of the mask is an orinasal half-mask that covers the mouth and nose and directs exhaled air outside of the mask and greatly reduces fogging of the lenses. A soft and flexible latex face seal provides a comfortable, airtight cushion on the face.

Mounting points for the head harness have been reinforced with nylon fabric webbing to increase strength and reduce the chance of tearing, but we still encourage you to not over-tighten the head straps.

The completed mask weights approximately 3 pounds (1.38 kilograms)