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Thank you for attending my Rubbercrafting Panel at Fur Squared 2024!

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If you have any questions or feedback, here are a few ways to reach me:

Telegram @purpledragonmage


Many of the these tools are available at craft stores or hardware stores. Amazon links are provided, but get these from anywhere that works for you!

Respirator with Organic Vapor filters
This is a must have safety tool. Get one and replace the filters every 3 months or as recommended by the manufacturer. Do not cheap out on this!
3M Half-face Respirator – Get the appropriate size for a good fit! –
3M P100 Filter 60926 rated for organic vapors:

Rubber Cement – Permanently adheres rubber. Available at craft stores.
Bostik 1222 or 3851 – Difficult to source and will need to be ordered from a specialty supply house.
Best-Test –
Elmers –

Cleaning Solvent – Use to clean seams before gluing. Heptane/Bestine preferred, but you can also use mineral spirits. Dick Blick Art Supply store is a good source of Bestine with much lower cost (half) than online if you have one nearby.
Bestine –

Shop Towels – Used for cleaning seams with solvent.

Rulers & Fabric Tape – Get at least a 2 foot long ruler, and a 1 foot for convenience if you can. Avoid wood rulers with a metal edge. Metal rulers are okay if they are stainless steel, otherwise plastic is best.

Rotary Cutter – Get at last a small (28mm) rotary cutter to start:
Fiskar 28mm Rotary Cutter:
Fiskar 45mm Rotary Cutter:

Extra Rotary Cutter Blades – Blades will dull very quickly when cutting latex, get spares!
28mm Blades:
45mm Blades:

Seam Roller – Use to make sure your seam a firmly joined. Do not use metal seam roller, the edge can sometime cut thru latex!
1″ Seam Roller:

Cutting Mat – Provides a surface to use your rotary cutters on. Get the biggest one you can and then a small one for detail work:
24″ x 36″ Mat:
18″ x 24″ Mat:
8″ x 10″ Mat:

Sanding Sponge 120 grit – Used for preparing seams before gluing –

Metallic Gel Pens – Good contrast on dark colors and easy to clean –

Nice to Have Tools

Blue Painters Tape – Helps keep edges from curing too much when gluing.

Wax Paper – Useful for keeping glued edges from accidentally touching while positioning

Disposable Scalpels – Useful for very fine detail –

Liquid Latex – For coating zippers before gluing, thin with ammonia –

Latex Suppliers

MJTrends – My go-to supplier – Lowest price and reasonable quality. Okay color selection, limited selection of thicker latex.

Radical Rubber – Excellent quality & great color selection including thicker latex. Okay prices but extra charge for orders under 5 meters.

Supatex – Best quality you can buy (4D Latex reseller) Amazing color  and thickness selection. Pricey; Expect to pay 25% more. 5 Meter minimum order.

TwistMyRubberArm – Not a sheet latex supplier, but they sell all sorts of rubber gear. Great supplier for add-on like socks, hood, gloves, sheaths… things you don’t want to try and make yet.

Resources & Where to Learn More

Rubbercraft Telegram Group – Rubber Fur Centric Group – Great place to read others crafting discoveries and ask questions. Please keep it professional and on topic! –

MJ Trends Tutorials

Fabricland / Michaels Stores